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The primary reason for any thinking, caring, and patriotic American not to vote for Mitt Romney is his delusional foreign policy.  If you have a loved one in the military, or thinking about joining, and you value their life, then you with either vote for Barack Obama, or a third party.  If Romney wins, we will end up in a major war with Iran.  If this happens, Israel will be glass, the entire Middle East will explode, we will be facing World War IV, and thousands of innocent American men and women will be slaughtered, all in the name of profit.

If this were about American interests, protecting our nation from terror, or even oil, that would be one thing.  BUT – this is not about any of these reasons.  It is about a handful full of mega-rich, old, white men who stand to make billions from a war. It is about a very ambitious, delusional, and perhaps mentally ill Israeli prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu.  It is about a GOP candidate for POTUS who has no core values.  He only values his high end mega-rich donors.

Mitt Romney and Bibi Netanyhu are bought and paid for by the same near insane billionaires, such as Sheldon Adelson, who have much to gain in such a war.  So do the munitions manufacturers, and Koch Brothers.  Romney is surrounded by a bunch of old white men who are heavily invested in promoting a war between the US, Israel, and Iran.  They are so heavily invested, they are willing to promote a new Cold War against Russia.

These people don’t give a damn about the lives who will be destroyed.  They are so dishonest, they have even lied about the fact that the sanctions the Obama Administration has promoted within the international community are working.  They are willing to slaughter the people of a country who want to be rid of their oppressive government as we are.

When you have a Republican POTUS nominee who failed to even mention our troops in his nomination acceptance speech, you can bet your sweet bippie that he’s not going to give a damn about how many die to enrich his supporters.  Why should he care.  He thinks that the mission service he and his sons did in their cult is the same as serving in the military.  He has NO respect for our men in women in uniform, their service, or their sacrifice.

There are some so-called “Christian” conservatives who have been brainwashed into thinking that they must demand we bow to Bibi Netanyhu’s perverse ambitions in order to protect our nation from God’s Wrath.  No nation, they say, can survive if it goes against the interests of Israel.  I gather they don’t have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the fact that the Catholic Church in Rome is the continuation of the Roman Empire.  I guess they’ve never heard of England.  I guess they are more interested in making this country a vassal state of Israel, rather than the other way around.

We’re dealing with the perpetually superstitious, the men and women who think that the world is a couple of thousand years old, humans played with dinosaurs rather like the Flintstones, and consider evolution the tool of the devil. They’ve never stopped to consider, in their absolutely out of control support for a prime minister who is not liked, and may not even complete his term in office due to corruption charges, they are almost committing treason.

These people need to stop and think – do they stand with the United States of America, or with Israel.  Yes, it should be the same thing, but this is one time when the policies of a few ambitious individuals are very much against the best interests of both the United States and Israel.

Mitt Romney’s near treasonous support of Israel should be enough, right there, to disqualify him from even being a dog-catcher.  With the history of animal cruelty and abuse by both he and his wife, neither one of them are even qualified to be a dog catcher.  He doesn’t give a damn about the people of Israel, no more than he gives a damn about our service men and women, those who have paid a high price for their service, or the United States in general.  The only think he cares about is the almighty dollar.

Who would have thought, years after the fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block, that the US would be on the precipice of being plunged into another national nightmare.  It won’t be a nightmare of a national emergency, war, or disaster.  It will be a nightmare caused by a cold-blooded, pathological liar, who lacks basic human empathy and compassion.  He’s bought and paid for by Sheldon Adelson and his other billionaire donors.  I guess that makes him a prostitute.

If he’s nothing more than a very high priced prostitute, and wants to go to war, he’s not much more than a camp follower.  Only, by calling him that, it gives honest, hard working men and women a bad name.

There’s one other thing that has always puzzled The Pink Flamingo.  The far right, those who now own Mitt Romney and the rest of the GOP, detest socialist.  They detest anything that might appear to be socialist.  Israel is very much a socialistic nation.  It is one of the more successful socialistic societies today.

Think about it.  Mitt Romney, uber capitalist, wants to go to war to prop up the delusional hard-line socialist leader of a socialist nation.

And you still want to vote for him?

Not to worry.  His so-called genetically perfect sons won’t be called upon to sacrifice their lives for their country.  They served as Mormon missionaries.  It was, according to their so-called genetically perfect father, the same as risking one’s life and limb in service for this country. They will never go to war.  They will stand around, arrogantly towering those who return home in caskets, or missing limbs, but they won’t be called upon to serve.

If a leader isn’t willing to allow his or her offspring to serve their country, they should not be allowed to go to war.  The prefect example of young men serving their country, risking life and limb are Prince William and Prince Harry.  Oh, wait – Mitt Romney insulted their country, our greatest ally. Right this very minute, Prince Harry is risking his life, serving his country.

What have Mitt Romney’s perfect sons done for their country today?



  • Sharon says:

    This should be read by every voter — I am sending it to a email list of retired military I am on as they feel exactly the same way about Romney and his sons. They do not understand how Republicans can be fooled by a man who would rather lie then tell the truth. Many of them were involved in the First Gulf War and also the 2nd plus Afghanistan. They know what our troops are facing which means they are so disgusted with Romney/Ryan that some emails are on fire.

    Many cannot believe especially those coming from the intelligence community I have known since I worked in that same community that the Republicans in the House are holding hearings before the investigation is complete in Libya. My email the night of 9/11 when Romney went out with his statement, contained words I have heard for a long time.

    Going into this election we were Republicans but one thing we had in common was we never could support Romney. They have seen first hand how President Obama and his wife, Michelle, have done everything they can for our military coming back from war along with our wounded warriors and the veterans. There are few photo-ops as they prefer to make their visits in private so when they talk to the men and women who serve, there is not a reporter even close. It is the Republicans in the Senate who stalled a Veterans Jobs Bill which for a lot of us was the final straw with this Republican Party.

    I am standing with a lot of friends in the military and their wives and our grown children who are proud to stand up to say we support the Obama/Biden ticket. Watching Joe Biden taken Ryan apart in the debate and then seeing the GOP whine that Joe was mean to Ryan completely has done me in to the point a group of us are now supporting Democrat candidates for Senate. It is okay for Romney to be a bully and interrupt when Obama is talking but not for Joe who is correcting Ryan lies? Is that why Romney kept jumping down the throat of the moderator and Obama so his lies wouldn’t come out? Romney has zero core values and will do anything his wealthy friends tell him to do. When you have to lie to win a debate, you have won nothing except contempt and scorn from the thinking people of America which means those who don’t swallow the Fox Tabloid News or Rush/Hannity, and other pundits who are nothing more than puppets of the wealth donors of the GOP starting with the Koch Brothers and Adelson. You can also throw in Bob Perry of Texas of Swift Boat fame which we are now learning may not have been the truth. Imagine that a Republican lied!

    We saw the measure of Romney when he used a former Navy seal’s death in Libya in his stump speech even after the Mother requested he not use her son. That afternoon he told the same story. Then we find out from his friend that Romney’s version of meeting the Navy Seal was different from Romney’s. Seems Romney even lied about his meeting with the Navy Seal! Despicable, Liar, No Core Values, Panderer, Arrogant, and a few words I cannot mention apply to Romney.

    Romney even joined Beck in fundraising for a Utah college that is unaccreditied: In 2009, the GOP candidate introduced Glenn Beck at a fundraiser for a school that promoted the work of a conservative “nutjob” eschewed by the Mormon church

    Romney is the man you NEVER want heading our foreign policy team because he would be bought and paid for by a group of wealthy donors who hate Russia that Romney declares is our biggest geopolitical threat. Having Bolton, Cheney, or Rumsfeld and their people around another White House scares me to death. They have little regard for the men and women they send into battle as they were behind the false info on Iraq that sent us in to oust Saddam that Bush and Powell relied on. We had no business being in two wars at the same time. Should have kept the no-fly zone and made a concentrated effort to take out the Taliban.

    Are Republicans mad because Obama got Bin Laden and they never could because they stupidly went into Iraq?

    My more than two cents! This is my hot button issue as you can tell!

  • SJ Reidhead says:

    What bothers me so much is that he doesn’t care. If you saw a little empathy, that look of sorrow in GWB’s face, the ‘I feel your pain’ in Clinton’s, Obama’s obvious concern, McCain’s grim determination of been there and done that, it would make a difference. There is none of that with Romney.


    P. S. My Dos Centavos: We made the mess in Afgh during Cold War, so we need to clean it up. The USSR made the mess in Syria, so that’s their problem. Then again, that would be the grown up thing to do.

  • jose maria says:

    Biden completely turned me off in the debate the other night. He was not just another candidate. He is Vice President of the USA. As such, he is expected to uphold the dignity of our country, which I thought Obama did admirably in his debate with Romney. It was embarrassing to me that Biden was so ill mannered and uncouth. Just because Romney behaved badly is no excuse for the Vice President of the USA to act the same way. I don’t care much for Ryan, but I wanted to hear what he had to say. This was impossible because of Biden’s constant interruptions and child-like antics. Ryan was cut off at the very moment he was getting ready to make a point. I only hope Biden doesn’t act that way when he is interacting with foreign dignitaries who don’t agree with him. In my opinion, Biden came across an unhinged loon, all mouth and no brain. He thought he was beating Ryan. Obviously he didn’t have sense enough to realize that his boorish behavior was actually beating Obama. He made Ryan look like presidential material.

  • unknown jane says:

    My family is military — while we will not be voting for Obama, this has to do with differences in outlook/philosophy/ideology, and as such is a fair reason for not voting for someone. The notion that he is somehow the Antichrist or next incarnation of Hitler is foolish and not worthy of consideration…and this has turned out to be one of the primary reasons for us drifting away from the GOP, which we used to support.
    The GOP has gone off its rocker, and Mitt is one of the symptoms of this. There is NO way we’ll vote for him — the frightening foreign policy, the view of the military as some sort of inexhaustible machine which only needs more money thrown at it and all will be well (and what money? by the way), the stuff he’s not saying (and the pandering that goes along with it)…all of it. Neither I, nor anyone in my family will vote for this man.

    And yeah, as much as the drone strikes are troubling for other issues, it is probably far more pragmatic and conservative of men, material, and money than what Romney seems to be proposing (if you can pin him down on anything). Plus the entire Russia/Syria/Iran thing…that is truly idiotic (although he seems to change his tune from one day to the next, you can see what his core beliefs are with what he appears to go back to once he thinks nobody is looking). Ironically, Obama could run to the right of him on foreign policy and defense spending (although Obama needs some work on defense spending imho). On foreign policy, Mitt is dangerously “progressive” and/or ideological — he could wind up taxing and spending us into oblivion, with nothing to show for it but a worn out and chewed up military (which is the antithesis of what Reagan did, and even W did not do that)….or a big old mess that leads to future conflicts that drag other players in.

  • SJ Reidhead says:

    Try and get people to realize Romney is more liberal than Obama!


  • jose maria says:

    There is too much polarization. Whoever gets elected it will surprise me if the parties will be able to work together. We are losing all the GOP moderates that were able to compromise across party lines. The democrats are really not much better. I watched the Affordable Care Act being passed on C-Span 2. Not one amendment proposed by the GOP in the Senate was even considered by the democrats and I thought some of them were very good. I don’t want to see lunatics running the country and in my opinion, Joe Biden is as bad as any of the nuts in the GOP. The problem is that the GOP has selected the worst possible candidates. In the debate the other night, it would have been a different story if Newt Gingrich had been sitting there instead of Ryan. Woody Woodpecker would not have gotten away with any of that sh$$t!

  • unknown jane says:

    Hah, yeah….I’m lucky if they don’t try to tar and feather me for even criticizing him!

    Some have not lost their heads (just like some of my liberal friends didn’t drink the “lightworker” kool aide in ’08, nor even the “Bush is de debil” prior, and didn’t go through the whole mental/emotional rollercoaster that did some of the left in)…but many are now putting Mitt up on a pedestal, just like the left did with Obama in ’08 — our shining Randian knight…on a white horse. What I’m seeing is a small group of Republicans and Democrats, left and right, liberal/libertarian/conservatives who haven’t lost touch with reality nor given away all their critical/logical faculties — hemmed in by a bunch of true blue believers, goons, lemmings, and truly-gone-round the-bend-couldn’t-handle-the-stress-types.
    This doesn’t bode well for the country…or the ones who still possess their marbles.

  • silver price says:

    The administration says U.S. arms assistance would further militarize Syria and make it even harder to stabilize the country after Assad’s downfall, which it insists is inevitable. And it says it still doesn’t know the different fighting groups well enough to provide them guns, considering the small but growing influence of Islamist extremists among their ranks.

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