The Duplicity of the Left


First published on June 19, 2018.

What kind of a parent is so abusive they would allow their children to be put in a forced march, quite often by foot, through hostile territory, where there is such a guarantee of rape, women put their daughters on birth control (which they can afford?) so they won’t get pregnant when they are raped?  What kind of an abusive parent would do this?  Then, we are to have pity for them?

According to the Secretary of Homeland Security:

“…..“From October 2017 to this February, we have seen a staggering 315 percent increase in illegal aliens fraudulently using children to pose as family units to gain entry into this country,” she said. “This must stop. All this does is put the children at risk. To address these issues we’ve asked Congress to change the law to allow for the expeditious return of unaccompanied children, regardless of their country of origin. We are also asking Congress to allow us to keep families together while they are detained.”…”

We need to be bitterly honest about something.  Why isn’t Mexico stopping the flow of illegal free-loaders who are stalking across their country, just to get here?  Why was nothing ever said about the treatment of these children while Obama was POTUS?

What about the immortality of the situation?

“…From the time DACA was announced, in 2012, through 2014, the number of unaccompanied minors apprehended from El Salvador, Guatamala, and Honduras increased 490 percent, 444 percent, and 610 percent respectively. The El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) drafted a memo in 2014 asserting that 95 percent of the border-crossers interviewed cited the promise of amnesty as the primary factor behind their migration, not violence back home.

The Miami Herald reported at the height of the surge that “children are also being sent by families who believe they could qualify for immigration reform—if Congress ever acts on it—or for President Barack Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program known as DACA.”

On June 13, 2014, the Washington Post, which now recognizes the problems with UACs but still obsessively supports DACA, admitted that the surge of tens of thousands of Central Americans was “driven in large part by the perception they will be allowed to stay under Obama administration’s immigration policies.”

On June 4, 2014, the New York Times reported that the “shift in the way the United State treats [illegal alien] minors” aka amnesty and catch-and-release, “prompted” and “inspired” parents to either “hire so-called coyotes … to bring them north” or to “make the trip with toddlers in tow, something rarely seen before in this region.”

Thus, it is incontrovertibly clear that amnesty and refugee policies for those coming with children are what incentivized the chain reaction of smuggling that empowers drug cartels and leads to all the social ills for the migrants, not just Americans who have to deal with the consequences.

The surge of central American teens fueled the drug and gang crises

Once we had a surge in Central American teenagers, they served as drug mules and diversions and also paid the drug smugglers record funds to get in. This is why, according to the DEA, the poppy fields of the Mexican drug cartels tripled from 2013 to 2016. They are also the recruiting grounds of MS-13. The Washington Post recently wrote a story on how MS-13 is tearing apart schools in Maryland and hurting some of these very children people claim to care about.…”

I’m tired of this border sh*t. This is not about helping people. It is about hurting Trump. It is designed to obscure the fact that the IG’s report against the FBI was damning against Obama.

If a person wants asylum in the US, all they need to do is LEGALLY show up at a port of entry and ask for help. They are allowed to come into the country, not be separated from their family, and their story will be investigated.

This whole story is a farce designed to shut the media up about the fact that Trump basically ended the Korean war and has denuclearized Korea. But, it’s better for the media and liberals to keep up the hate against the man by telling lies.

Now that my rant has ended, there are questions which need to be asked.  Why don’t the Dems comprehend the fact that we don’t know if the kids traveling over the border, illegally, are related to the adults who are with them?  Why is the left covering up the crime rates of illegals?

“…Using newly released detailed data on all prisoners who entered the Arizona state prison from January 1985 through June 2017, we are able to separate non-U.S. citizens by whether they are illegal or legal residents. Unlike other studies, these data do not rely on self-reporting of criminal backgrounds. Undocumented immigrants are at least 142% more likely to be convicted of a crime than other Arizonans. They also tend to commit more serious crimes and serve 10.5% longer sentences, more likely to be classified as dangerous, and 45% more likely to be gang members than U.S. citizens. Yet, there are several reasons that these numbers are likely to underestimate the share of crime committed by undocumented immigrants. There are dramatic differences between in the criminal histories of convicts who are U.S. citizens and undocumented immigrants.

Young convicts are especially likely to be undocumented immigrants. While undocumented immigrants from 15 to 35 years of age make up slightly over two percent of the Arizona population, they make up about eight percent of the prison population. Even after adjusting for the fact that young people commit crime at higher rates, young undocumented immigrants commit crime at twice the rate of young U.S. citizens. These undocumented immigrants also tend to commit more serious crimes.

If undocumented immigrants committed crime nationally as they do in Arizona, in 2016 they would have been responsible for over 1,000 more murders, 5,200 rapes, 8,900 robberies, 25,300 aggravated assaults, and 26,900 burglaries….”

What are the Dems trying to do, other than destroy Donald Trump?