The GOP Civil War: Snobs vs. the Slobs


So my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Mitt Romney

Ann Romney says her husband does not disdain the poor.  Considering that he considers “middle class” anyone earning from $200-250K a year, I gather anyone who makes under $200K is poor.  But, there is hope, Mitt does not disdain us.  He doesn’t represent us.  He thinks we don’t take personal responsibility for our lives, stuff like that, but I think he’s probably the one with the problem, not taking responsibility for the mess that he has created.

There is a civil war brewing in the GOP.  It is not just brewing, it is doing a full perk, almost there.  It’s nasty.  I swear it is a reflection of the candidate, himself, and not necessarily the party.  The uncivil war is not coming, we’ve been fighting it for some  months now.  The Romney 47% solution has put it into perspective.

A friend and I have been joking about the Romney campaign, comparing it to Chevy Chase’s Vacation.  The Pink Flamingo realized I have the wrong Chevy Chase movie.  We should be talking Caddyshack, the snobs verses the slobs.  It’s a movie I never thought to be portrayed within the GOP.  It’s us verses them, amazingly.

When I say us verses them, I’m talking about the conservative punditry class, the chattering Knights of the Keyboard like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and idiot Glenn Beck.  It’s the conservative punditry of NRO, Weekly Standard, WSJ, and FOX.  It’s brought to you by the likes of the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson and a bunch of tone deaf snots who think they are better than everyone else….

Once upon a time in America – just a few months ago, someone was receiving veterans benefits, on social security, or medicare was not considered a boil on the buttocks of the nation.  Today, though, even VA benefits are considered an entitlement.  Imagine – benefits paid to men and women who were willing to give their all, to keep this nation safe, are now considered an entitlement.  It does make sense, though, when one considers that Romney thinks being a Mormon missionary is the same thing as being in the military.

We all know that they consider federal, state, and local pensions to be wrong and an entitlement.  Doesn’t matter that people paid into them, managed, them and worked with the knowledge that they would have a retirement package.  They are a drain on the productive.

The Pink Flamingo’s 82  year old, life long Republican mother is furious.  The 47% solution was the last straw. Today, I don’t think she will ever support another Republican candidate  – for anything, she is so angry.   According to my calculations, and they are extremely rough, my father has been on social security for nearly 25 years.  He and my mother receive approximately $1000 a month between them.  My rough calculation points to no more than $300,000 being paid to them over the years.

So, you want to call them leaches and takers?  Go ahead, but you will end up looking like a total fool.  I remember one infamous April evening when my mother was forced to write a check for $750,000 to pay income taxes for a piece of land sold in her name.  Considering that was back in 1983,  that check, today, would have the spending value of $1,480,000.00 to $3,200,000.00.

My 82 year old mother is so angry, she doesn’t know if she will ever vote for another Republican.  She feels betrayed.

A taker, living on government handouts, part of that 47% think again, (expletive deleted).

That was just one year.  I’ve seen my father be forced to write checks for upward of $500,000 for his business, many times.  Now they are part of that 47%.  When they are finally able to sell a piece of land (real estate values are dead, thinks to the antics of the GOP and the far right, even more than the left – they will be in the same mess).

According to Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney is right.  It is all about the takers, those 74%, the people who are draining America dry.

“...We ask ourselves, “Okay, have we reached the tipping point?”  Just like de Tocqueville said, have we reached the point where more people are comfortable being cared for and taken care of than they are providing for themselves?  And we’ve all feared that this election or thought this election was going to give us the answer to that question.  That’s been the fear that we’ve all had.  Where are we?  The questions being asked on the conservative blogs when somebody says, “How come Romney’s not 15 points ahead?” that’s what they mean.  What they really mean is, have we lost the country?  Have we lost the culture?  Have we lost the American work ethic?  Have we lost American optimism? Have we lost the thing that was talked about all over the Republican convention? …”

Just who are the slobs, the takers, the leaches, the do-nothings who are draining America dry?

“...And here is where Romney makes his worst political calculation of all: The 47 percent are largely poor and working-class whites, many of whom — for good or ill — still vote Republican. That is the great irony of Romney’s revelation. It appears the candidate was seeking to maintain the dog-whistle tactics of the GOP’s new Southern strategy — by demonizing the Democratic base as lazy, black and brown people. This is, after all, the same man who, after his Obamacare knock drew boos during his speech to the NAACP, told a group of supporters: “If they want more stuff from government, tell them to go vote for the other guy — more free stuff.”…”

Want a profile of the leaches who are draining this nation dry?  They’re the NASCAR fan, the people who go to the state fair, high school football games, life and die by college football, and…. well, they’re FOX viewers, and many….are some of Rush Limbaugh’s biggest fans and supporters.

These so-called leaches, who are bleeding the country dry are people who pay property taxes.  They pay gas taxes.  They have paid in their social security and medicate taxes. They pay taxes on every single cent they spend.   They have money withheld each pay-check to help pay their taxes. They are not quite the far right’s version of the Welfare Queen, and all the racism that is implied in that title.

There is a huge problem here.  Yes, we’re dealing with people who are abusing the system.  But, if you look at the list of the 47%, my bet is, over the years, these people have paid more in income taxes than they will ever take out in some benefit or another.   If you start crunching the numbers, factoring in the “widow’s mite”, I think those who think that nearly half the people in this country are paying nothing, might be in for a shocking surprise.

The real moochers, those who are dodging taxes, moving money off shore, to the tune of about $1.2 trillion a  year, are Mitt Romney’s 0.001%.  They’re the leaches, the ones sucking  the red, white, and blue, tit dry as White Sands National Monument.  They’re the ones who are a drain on our society.  If they were to pay, in percentages, what the 47% are paying, we would not be in this financial mess.

Oh, wait, they create all the new jobs, right?  WRONG.  Those so-called capitalists create maybe a few percent of the new jobs. New jobs are created by the middle class, the slobs, the ones who aren’t good enough for Mitt Romney to even bother thinking about – they’re the ones who will never be able to do anything for themselves.  How can they?  The deck is stacked against them. They get ahead, and are bled dry with taxes.  They aren’t rich enough or crooked enough to take their money off-shore like Mitt and his friends.

Let’s turn it around, why not?  Sheldon Adelson, reportedly, is backing Mitt Romney because he may get a $2oo billion dollar tax rebate.  That’s a heck of a lot of money.  Maybe the real problem is not we the little

people – the slobs, that 99.9% of the nation, but Mitt’s billionaire backers.

Just think, each year, Mitt’s corporate friends stash about $1.2 to $2.5 trillion dollars over seas so they won’t pay taxes.

Just who is the moocher here?

My money’s on the gopher.

As for the GOP UnCivil War, well, we’re in the middle of it.  Right now, the bad guys are winning.  The GOP is losing.  Mitt Romney is destroying the national GOP just the way he did the one in his state when he was governor.  He’s a destroyer.  He’s not a builder.  As for the UnCivil War, when it’s over in November, there are a few of us who are taking no prisoners.

Democrats for Sale:

“...Undoubtedly it will be bitter. The true believers will fulminate that they were tricked by the establishment into accepting Romney, John McCain, and free-spending, big-government fellow traveler George W. Bush. The Tea Partiers are a minority in America but almost certainly a majority in what could become a smaller and smaller Republican Party. And the GOP’s experience in California suggests that one beating, or even several, may not yield a GOP self-correction but a dug-in revanchism. The state party’s response has been to lurch rightward. The result, as McCain’s chief 2008 strategist Steve Schmidt predicts, is that Republicans could soon become “the third party” in the nation’s largest state—behind Democrats and independents.

In an America where the party of angry white men increasingly speaks for and to a permanent minority, it could take another defeat and maybe another before the GOP comes to its senses. Surely Romney himself would have been better off in the general election if he had defended his Massachusetts health-care reform and sounded occasional notes of pragmatism and compassion. But then, of course, he never would have been the nominee. He could even have let us assume he wore pajamas to bed. Now hovering over his apparently desperate march toward a concession speech is the specter of Republicans fighting their protracted civil war.

Someday, somehow, someone will do for the conservative side of our politics what Bill Clinton did as the progressive who brought Democrats back to the mainstream. But post-2012, maybe even Ryan won’t be pure enough; it could be full-Santorum ahead. …”

The worst of it, is the fact that the very people who rammed Mitt Romney down our throats, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and FOX, will get away like the con artist making a big score.  They win no matter how badly the country loses.  You can already see them hedging their bets, telling what a bad campaign Romney is running.

They’ll sell books, get guest spots, get sponsors for their TV and radio shows, and come out trying to sound like Walter Winchell himself.  One of these days, their brainwashed followers will realize that they have been brainwashed.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  I don’t think we the little people are going to be taken for a ride, this time.

We have too much to lose.  Thanks to the minions of the far right, we’re already losing to a bunch of plutocrats who want to impoverish all of us, so they can win.  They want lower taxes, but we must pay higher taxes.  They want an end of the minimum wage, social security, VA benefits, foot stamps, and medicaid.  The whole idea is to destroy the middle class, and the lower upper class.  They need plenty of workers, who will buff their shoes, and empty their slop buckets, for a few cents an hour.

It’s the Randian way.

Once upon a time, in a land across the pond, there was a royal couple who were much like the Romneys.

It did not end well.