The Great Car Tag Caper


To begin with, New Mexico is nuts. It is corrupt.  It takes a person nearly a decade to learn how to work around the insanity, corruption, beer, and the occasional UFO.  But, Arizona is bananas.  The real problem with is it is located entirely too close to California for comfort.  It’s getting a little crazy.

Arizona has some of the highest car registrations in the country.  Way too high.  On Tuesday, I was forced to surrender $395 for a tag for my 2017 Jeep Renegade. If I’d registered the car when I first moved it would have been nearly a thousand bucks.

In order to facilitate the registration I had to drive to Lordsburg to the nearest NM MVD to spend five bucks on a copy of my title.  I then purchased an AZ tag in Benson.

It’s finished….