The Idiot War on Sugar


One of the top conservative Twitter pundits is bragging about how he doesn’t do sugar.  His followers are describing it as evil.  Of course they are.  All they can talk is high protein and keto burn.  That’s nice if you are healthy, don’t have a cardiac problem, and are watching your blood sugar.

But – when dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease, refined sugar is a gift from God! Sugar is brain fuel.  It produces glucose.  Glucose powers the brain.  The party line is one must not give refined sugar to people with AD.  They must have very complex carbs and high protein. They are also being drugged into oblivion.

When one is dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease, sugar is imperative.  It makes the brain work.  So is caffeine.  The combination is terribly important.  We want the brain of a person dealing with AD to be as active as possible.  It is impossible when that person is drugged into a stupor, turning into a drooling zombie of a shadow of a human.  When the brain starts working, the person with AD is capable of thinking.  We want them to think. We want their brains to work.

All of this goes back to the way those suffering from AD are treated by the medical profession – as sub human.   Depriving them of brain fuel makes things worse, much worse.