The Lack of Reality and the Romney Supporter


What do Scott Brown, George Allen, Linda Lingle, Heather Wilson, Susana Martinez, Tommy Thompson, John Kasich, Linda McMahon, Sam Heller? Well… they’re a lot like the scene in Tombstone where Wyatt Earp and his Vendetta Posse are going after anyone with a red sash, representing the Cowboys. When they realize they are facing their doom, they throw off the red sash and ride to safety. It’s a lot like what normal, rational Republicans who are either running for office, or trying to protect their states are doing, throwing off the mendacity of Mitt and his 47%. It’s too bad his few remaining devoted followers can’t see what is going on and open their eyes, before it’s too late. But, having cast it all with Mitt, I guess they’d rather go down to bitter defeat, losing all credibility, and not admit they were wrong.

The Pink Flamingo has been around the political block. I started my political awareness when I was just a little kid, and have a small curio of campaign buttons to prove it. After awhile, you develop a sense of who is winning, who isn’t, and it ain’t gonna happen. I was delusional in 1992, ignoring all the signs of a Clinton win.

I know the signs of political delusion. We’re starting to see it among Romney supporters.

  • The polls are wrong.
  • The media is against him (it’s almost always a him).
  • Ignoring the fact that money is getting tight.
  • Refuse to admit the campaign is in disarray.
  • Keep telling themselves that everyone else is wrong and they are right.
  • Ignoring the fact that the candidate is doing great damage to his own campaign.
  • Blaming everyone but the candidate.
  • Uses only positive media reinforcement.
  • Refuses to acknowledge information that is not complementary to candidate.
  • Turn on anyone who disagrees with you.
  • Refuse to acknowledge provable fact that is contrary to your candidate.

I would like to say that it is sad, but it isn’t. It happens to us all. I was this way in 2008. I so wanted John McCain to win, that I ignored all the signs of a pending disaster. I knew we were going to lose, but I wanted a woman on the ticket so badly that I just stopped delving into reality.

I then fell for all the lies told about Barack Obama. I fell for it. I spread them. I was as bad as those I now criticize. When I opened my eyes, I discovered that most of the negative stuff about him were lies, told by those who could not tolerate having a POTUS who was not a lily white, angry, bigoted male.

The reality this year is even more stark.

We are dealing with an utterly incompetent candidate, who is so bad, they are keeping him off the campaign trail. He has spent money like it is going out of style, and now appears to be going under. He’s reached the point in a campaign where, if you don’t have money, or a huge base, you’re finished. He has neither.

Once, I would have thought all of this was quite sad. No longer. I’m sick and tired of it. If people are so filled with hate about someone that they are willing to believe the lies, there is nothing you can do about it. The worst of this is the fact that people who are Christians have fallen the worst. It is tragic. There is also nothing I can do about it.

And so, my mother’s brother refuses to speak to she and her remaining sister. My brother and I do not discuss politics. One of my best friends won’t speak to me. Another dear friend won’t discuss it. I don’t understand people and this election.

What happens when this is over and Romney is defeated so soundly he destroys the GOP with him? Do you rebuild friendships, or simply walk away? The only thing I do know is that when a political candidate possess the ability to destroy friendships, there is something very bad going on. I don’t want any part of it.

Want reality?

Right now, more moderate Mormons are throwing Romney under the bus for his 47% remark. Here in NM, it’s over, with staffers being pulled to other states, where he might have a chance.

There’s something else those of us who don’t support Romney have noticed, repeatedly. Free speech applies only to those who support Romney. The rest of us are to shut up and be told how wrong we are. They are just the tip of the iceberg, the real problem within the GOP. When Romney loses, and he will destroy the GOP in the process, it will be interesting to see what they do. I think you are going to find a heck of a lot of extremely normal Republicans, who have had Romney shoved at us, to the point where, when he loses, I think there are more than a few of us who are not prepared to be charitable. I know I’m not.

Paul Krugman sums it up, nicely:

“…The truth is that Romney based his whole campaign on the belief that he could blur his way to the White House, mouthing right-wing slogans, fudging the math, and counting on voter disillusionment with Obama to do the rest. Now that this doesn’t seem to have worked, he has no plan B…”

Right now, the way it looks, Romney is such a disaster that his supporters, some of whom are incapable of thinking rationally, had best practice the words “Speaker Pelosi”. We’re not going to be able to take the Senate. And, the projections are now that the Dems are going to take the House by 16 seats.

Don’t expect charity from The Pink Flamingo. I’ve reached the point where I am sick and tired of being belittled, treated like I am incompetent, and being treated rudely by Romney’s classless supporters. I don’t suffer fools well, and I’ve just about suffered enough.



2 thoughts on “The Lack of Reality and the Romney Supporter

  1. I well remember the ’08 campaign, when I was still allowed to comment on “conservative” sites. I can well remember a feeling of deep frustration and impending doom because no matter how rah-rah I got, people were stubbornly not going to vote for McCain because he wasn’t “pure” enough. I suppose the shoe is on the other foot, but there is a big difference: one, never told anyone to shut up or called them names; two, admitted there were things to be critical of within the McCain campaign but when you had people on the left treating Obama like some sort of messiah, well, that is dangerous — no political leader should be worshipped and idolised (which makes me think that perhaps Obama could be better in his second term now that the cult glitter has worn off a bit, thank God!). Whatever else he might have been, at least McCain had some substance to him; now these same people are engaging in the same lunacy that Obama supporters did in ’08 for a very hollow man — it will not be forgotten by me. Like yourself and a few others, I warned that if he became the nominee the Dems would have a field day (and that they have not even had to open up their opposition book yet on him is troubling — they don’t have to, he’s doing it on his own), that they would not be looking to just take out Mitt — it would be the entire party and all its branches. The Ron Paul libertarians think that this will provide them with their golden opportunity, and it might (I can see the social conservatives and the moderates getting much blame for Romney’s defeat), but ultimately this will not be a winning proposition for the country — I hold some libertarian notions myself, but ultimately it is an unworkable political ideology (although oddly enough I have considered voting for Gary Johnson).

    By the way,I don’t believe they should get to own that word, as they are anything but a true conservative — aka. somebody who wishes to conserve our traditional political structure, the republic, and takes a cautious approach to changes, preferring to hold on to more traditional practices — maybe instead of Rand, people should read Emerson. It might also lead them to realize that there has to be a balance between conservatism and liberalism, a coexistence as it were, in order to have a workable government. I really do believe that’s what our founders tried to put into place, and we are spitting upon what they built when we forget that.

  2. Great post! What the GOP elite has done to get Romney nominated is disturbing, they manipulated at every stage of the game. I have been a life long Republican but no longer care to be associated, I don’t like the tone that the GOP has taken and the arrogance of the elites who have taken over the party.

    I never thought a third party could be viable, but I have changed my mind.

    I am tired of hearing how wonderful Mitt is and what a great character he has, the way he lied and manipulated the process is not indicative of a man with great character. It is however, indicative of a man who will do and say whatever to be in power.

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