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The minions of the far right are turning themselves into yogurt flavored pretzels with Obama.  A well known GOP activist told me that she has never seen anything like this.  Let’s just put it this way, in order to stand behind Mitt Romney, they must lie and betray everything in which they believe.  After all, he’s once again endorsing a national health care mandate, isn’t he?

“…Perkins said he’s in regular contact with the Romney campaign and said he’s completely confident Romney is as pro-life as ever. He said the Romney campaign told him that Romney still supports HR 3, a 2011 House bill aimed at making permanent the Hyde Amendment budget rider providing for a ban on on federal abortion funding. The bill became famous for its original text, which changed the exemption for rape to an exception for “forcible rape” only. Perkins said the Romney campaign also told said he still favors the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” which he promised to “advocate for and support” in his 2011 National Review op-ed…”

Case in point is the fact that:

  • He was “for” abortion rights – maybe – before he was against it.
  • He then went to the Mormon Church for them to tell him him what he believed.
  • So, then when his church leaders said he was for abortion – he was for it.
  • Then Mrs. America donated to planned parenthood.
  • When governor Romney was all for abortion.
  • When governor, Romney even made religious institutions pay for contraceptives, etc.
  • Then, when he decided to be POTUS, he became anti-abortion.
  • Now he won’t sponsor abortion legislation.
  • BUT…. he also vows to be a pro-life POTUS.
  • So, now Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney are unified on abortion?
  • They want to defund Planned Parenthood?
  • Which Mitt is which?

The Politico

We all know the only reason this is going on is to try and stop the erosion of women from the GOP.  Fat chance that, not with the likes of Todd Akin who is the poster boy for nasty white male.  This whole thing is insane.  The Pink Flamingo believes if Planned Parenthood were to give out free Viagra and prostate screening, the terrified white males of the GOP would back them 110%.

There are times when The Pink Flamingo wonders if Mitt Romney is running just to destroy the GOP.  Then again, the GOP is doing a great job of destroying itself with Mitt and his lies.  They just keep backing him up, no matter what he says or does.  They are nothing more than enablers. Somebody needs an intervention!



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