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Once upon a time, when Rush Limbaugh was a lucid human who knew how to interact with logic, some reason, and humor, he said he loved to watch Dems lose, because they became so wacky.  Unfortunately, Rush has not followed his own advice.  He’s become as irrational as any Democrat has ever been.  It’s worse, because when the Dems are irrational, they hurt themselves.  When Rush is irrational, he hurts the entire GOP.

Romney has, this week, proven he is unfit to lead.  Joe Conason write:

“…Forfeiting the trust of America’s diplomatic corps, Romney has now disqualified himself, again, from world leadership. He seems like some kind of presidential mannequin — cosmetically perfect, yet lightweight and utterly hollow within.  He is a contender for least qualified major party presidential candidate in modern history….”

Currently, it looks like Mitt Romney is losing.  If what The Pink Flamingo is hearing and seeing, he’s going to bring down the entire GOP.  In many ways, they deserve it.  More than a few pundits deserve to have their careers tanked for supporting Romney. They deserve all they are going to get.

  1. Romney & Far Right are turning on the press.  This in itself is quite humorous, considering the fact that the far right controls more of the press, now, than the left does.  Unfortunately, part of the victimization meme is so set into the cleanly washed brains of the right, that they don’t realize they control the press, and the agenda.  Michael Medved is blaming the 24 hour news cycle.
  2. Mitt Romney won’t stop shaking the stuffed rabbit that has lost it’s stuffing. He finally shut up about what went on in Libya & Egypt. In doing so, he is proving that those of us who said he is a foreign policy disaster are right. But, the damage is done, and the stuffing is scattered all over the floor.  If you’ve ever had a dog you didn’t put on top of the roof of your car, you might know how they just ruin a favorite stuffed toy.  No matter how you try, you can’t fix it.
  3. Your so-called foreign policies are stuck on stupid, refusing to let something go.  They are incapable of changing their narrative.
  4. Rush Limbaugh has lost his mind.  He says al-Qaeda wanted Obama to look good, so they organized the attacks.   He now says that al-Qaeda allowed Bin Laden to be taken in order to get Obama re-elected.
  5. Romney’s little “October Surprise” may have backfired.   They’re trying to paint Barack Obama as Jimmy Carter.  He has flunked the statesmanship test and the leadership test.
  6. Kris Kobach, bigot and AG of Kansas is trying to keep Obama off the ballot in Kansas because they need to see his birth certificate, but is backtracking.  Kobach is Romney’s “informal” advisor on immigration.
  7. The usual wingnut sources are trying to make the state department look bad.
  8. Republicans in the House are starting to get scared.  They’re going to go on a two month vacation.
  9. You need to lie about the number of people attending your campaign stops.  You resort to petty name calling.  In order to prepare the world for his upcoming bad debate performances, Mitt Romney is already saying that Obama will lie during the debates.
  10. And – you & your supporters refuse to believe the polls.  They are over-sampling.  They could be under-sampling.  It really doesn’t matter.  When Romney is running one of the worst campaigns in history, what else do you expect.

When campaigns start making excuses, their internals are in bad shape. From all reports, Romney is losing badly.  Pardon The Pink Flamingo while I snicker.  It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of jerks.  Yes, they are taking my GOP down with them.  Unfortunately when you have a rancid, gangrenous boil, it needs to be lanced.  There are times when an amputation is needed.  Right now, it looks like the only way to save the elephant is to remove its head and hope it grows a new one.  The situation is that dire.


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  • jose maria says:

    Nothing surprises me in politics anymore. Of course, the GOP is going down. They are a divided party. Because of the Tea Party they can’t get their act together. They had the chance to choose a more competent candidate. They chose Romney instead. It is their own fault. I don’t feel sorry for them. “Life and politics are tacky”, but they get even tackier when you’re stupid.

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